affiliate niche challengeThere’s a lot of debate out there in the affiliate world about what, exactly, constitutes a good niche.

Some argue that a niche should be picked based solely on low competition and high commission opportunities, while others argue that a niche needs to be something you already know a lot about.

My opinion? Passion is the most important.

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Choosing a Niche By Finding Genuine Interests

The reason that passion is the number 1 factor to consider when choosing a niche is simple:

You’re going to be spending a lot of time working on this topic.

While it helps if you’re already an expert in the field, or if you happen to stumble upon a magical world of no competition a million dollar commissions, but the reality is that you can learn anything you have an interest in, and you can overcome your competition if you’re dedicated to your topic.

That means that passion for your topic is going to be the number 1 driver of your success. It will get you through the days when you don’t want to write yet another blog post and on to see the real passive income part of running an affiliate business.

Check Traffic Trends and Product Opportunities

Even though passion is the most important element to consider, some topics are going to be more profitable than others.

Before you dive in, you should check two things: the first is to look at traffic trends and the second is to make sure there are multiple products available that you could promote to your potential audience.

For most niches, there are more than enough relevant product opportunities you can take advantage of, but it’s always a good idea to check your options first!

Just Get Going

Finally, the most important point is to just get going.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, I guarantee you that your first niche will not be perfect, and that’s ok.

Starting your site will teach you more than you ever could learn just by browsing a few blogs, and you’ll even be able to make some money along the way.

Then when it comes time to scale up your business and start websites in a few more niches, you’ll be better prepared to build an even more profitable business the next time around!

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