sites like fiverr alternativesLooking for a Fiverr clone?

Whether it’s because you’re trying to avoid Fiverr scams or simply want to know what your other options are, I’ve pulled together a list of my best Fiverr alternatives for you to consider when trying to outsource your work and build your web business.

Before I get into the details of this list, I want to make it clear that I do still use Fiverr…every day in fact. While there are some shitty gigs on there, there’s also a ton of value, and I can safely say my business wouldn’t be where it is today without it. Read more in my complete Fiverr review, or sign up and see for yourself.

Best Fiverr Alternative By Gig-Type

Writing: I Need Articles

Another great site that I literally use every week is logo

As the name suggests, this site is exclusively for writing gigs. I love it because the articles you get are:

  1. Extremely high quality. Native English, 100% unique.
  2. Very customizable in terms of word count, research level, etc.
  3. Delivered ASAP.

Unlike most other writing gigs, where you get a pre-fixed word count for your articles for $X, and you have to go through and screen each gig provider to see what the real quality of the articles they write is going to be, INeedArticles gives you complete control over your gigs.

You can choose your word count, quality level (native English vs. non-native English, etc) and even choose the level of research you want done on the topic, so it works even for really specific, highly technical content. All of their writers have been pre-screened, and it’s safe to say that I’ve never been disappointed with the quality of their work.

They also have an extremely fast turnaround. Most of my gigs are completed in a day, and often times in just a couple of hours. Even larger gigs, where I’ve ordered 20 articles in a single setting, are done usually in 2 days!

It’s a really great resource and I highly recommend it. Click here to try it out.

SEO and Marketing: Source Market

My new favorite site for outsourcing small tasks is Source Market. This site, which just launched earlier in 2015, is growing extremely rapidly and is incredibly popular with many professional internet marketers.

The tasks range from Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 8.24.46 AM$5-$100, and most are related to SEO, affiliate marketing, and building your passive internet marketing business.

It’s free to join, and most of the providers on there are professional marketers themselves, so you get high caliber experts providing services, rather than some Joe-Schmoe who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Click here to try it out for free.


Graphic Design: People Per Hour

If you’re looking for logos, web design, avatars, or anything else visual, your best bet is to try out People Per Hour.

This site focuses exclusively on graphic design gigs, which means that it draws a ton of world-class experts in the field to provide their services.

Unlike Fiverr, gig providers aren’ts as tightly restricted in their pricing options, which allows for a greater variety of gigs, from uber cheap micro-jobs to full scale design work.

The Best Fiverr Clone

Of course, sometimes you want a similar service that doesn’t specialize in any one field or gig-category.

For that, my recommended Fiverr clone is GigsClerk. There’s nothing particularly special about this site, but it gives you a good, non-industry specific alternative if, for whatever reason, you decide you really hate Fiverr.

I hope this list of recommended alternatives helps you make a decision about who to hire for your small outsourcing needs, and build a better business!

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