start_a_website_business_costs_less_than_you_thinkWhat’s your guess about how much the cheapest way to start a website business costs?

  • $50?
  • $100?
  • $1,000?

You’re wrong.

It’s free, when you start through Wealthy Affiliate.

What You Can Get For Free

If you just want to start a website, there’s all sorts of ways to get a new website live in just a few minutes.

That’s fine if you just want a personal website or blog, but if you’re looking to turn that site into a full-fledged business you can do even better.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a complete free training that allows you up to 2 free websites in addition to 10 video classes and a host of other blogs and trainings.

That’s more than enough to get your site off the ground and on the way to real earnings.

When A Budget Comes In Handy

If you’re looking to build a bigger website business that has the potential to earn you a full time income, you’re better off having a little bit of a budget.

I talk more about how to budget for an affiliate business in this post, but a few hundred dollars is more than enough to get you to the point where you have a profitable site. After that, the site will pay for itself and give you an avenue for stable income.

Learning More

To learn more about affiliate marketing, you should check out my Ultimate How To Affiliate Marketing Guide, or take advantage of this 6 week schedule that will get you started in the right direction.

If you’re curious but not yet ready to dive into the deep end, you can also read more about what’s involved through this post on the life of an online marketer.

Building your site is a liberating step. Best of luck and I’ll see you on the other side!