In this post I’m going to provide a detailed look at the Coffee Shop Millionaire Membership. This program has been floating around the internet for a few years now, and I finally took the time to do a deep dive and figure out just what, exactly, the hype was all about.

So here it is: The Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam Review. I’ll show you exactly why you should be leery of this program, and instead focus on a legitimate way to learn how to make money online.

Overview of The Coffee Shop Millionaire Membership Program

Firstly, let’s take an objective look at what, exactly, Coffee Shop Millionaire claims to be.

The program aims to teach its members basic internet strategies through the use of training tools and lessons. The course was established by Anthony Trister, who happens to be a very good salesman. However, this does that mean that the products they offer are also the best.


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The name of CSM itself already connotes unreal expectations. It’s like telling people that joining the program would get you sitting down in a coffee shop, sipping a hot brew while counting millions of dollars. However, this is just too good to be true. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of joining CSM.

What’s Good About Coffee Shop Millionaire

the coffee shop millionaire scam reviewYou don’t need to initially invest a hefty amount to get started. The company requires relative low investment to be paid on a monthly basis compared to other marketing programs that seeks big initial investment or has no clear description at all.

The CSM website is fairly upfront regarding the potential amount you will earn and the time you need to spend to be able to reap commissions.

In fact, they have a disclaimer statement at the bottom of the page indicating that they don’t guarantee earnings. Instead, it would solely depend on the kind of work attitude the member possess.

What’s Not Good About Coffee Shop Millionaire

The downside of CSM is that most of its positive reviews resulted from GURU launch. There are also hidden charges that are not told right away to prospective members to be paid every month. Aside from the word “millionaire” attached to the program’s name, Coffee Shop Millionaire only offers potential earnings and not at millionaire level.

CSM does not offer member support. It does not also have any mentoring to newbies entering the marketing arena. The program also receives multiple complaints from online buyers. The training materials provided do not coincide with the changes going on with the online world. Furthermore, a series of more payment obligations that can be very annoying!

Conclusion: Is Coffee Shop Millionaire A Scam?

When you search the program online, you will come across a lot and I mean A LOT of good reviews. However, this does not coincide with the real scenario that most members encounter. The good feedback usually comes from gurus who want to make good cash from promoting other gurus online.

Each time you type a keyword, you will be directed to watch the same, very boring video that does not even give a spec of the info you needed from the start. The training offered by CSM is not really that bad although it lacks detailed information to be able to generate revenue from what has been taught. Furthermore, important players such as support & community are not part of the CSM program.

Therefore, I would conclude that Coffee Shop Millionaire program is fairly OKAY for those who bags ruthless marketing upsells with very little support! It’s not a full out scam, but it’s not something I would recommend.

If you’re serious about learning how to make money online, you’re going to have to commit for more than just a few days. Most legitimate programs don’t claim riches will come in the first month. Real wealth takes real effort.

If you’re interested in working to build that foundation, that are plenty of resources that can help you. Click the link below to learn what you can do to start a profitable online business today.

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