moderate_online_income_vs_extreme_online_incomeBelieve it or not, if you can figure out how to earn a moderate online income, turning that revenue into extreme online income is within your grasp.

The difference is in your mindset.

In order to create real wealth, you need to think like wealthy people do. That means thinking of everything you do as an investment.

If you can do that, learning the rest is easy.

Thinking Like An Investor

There are two sides two thinking like an investor when it comes to building your affiliate business.

Time As An Investment

The first is to think about how you invest your time.

Setting a value to your time is a great way to help make you more efficient, but it’s only the first step to actually using your time as an investment tool.

Everyone’s time has value, whether you earn $10 an hour or $300 an hour. But even people who earn a lot of money often don’t think about how they invest that time.

A true investor will think about his time in terms of not just the money that it earns in the short term, but its ability to produce an asset that will continue to pay out profits in the long haul.

Earnings As An Investment

The other side of thinking like an investor is to consider what you do with your earnings.

The overwhelming majority of website owners make a huge mistake and cash out their earnings early, spending them on everyday things from a new iPhone to a new pair of shoes to an exotic vacation.

That’s because they think of their affiliate site as a way to earn a little extra cash on the side, not as a way to build real wealth.

The difference between that majority and the minority who earn six, seven, and even eight figures online is how they use their earnings.

If you have a scalable process, like the act of building an affiliate site. Building a single profitable site has the potential to snowball into an entire portfolio of websites. That’s the power of compound interest.

That’s because for every dollar you earn, you can produce more content, whether through a portfolio approach or by expanding the original site.

Let’s say you earn $1 per article per month, and you can buy articles for $5 apiece (a very reasonable estimate). That means that every article will “pay for itself” in just 5 months. After that, the article will be able to produce a second article.

Then those two articles are each able to produce another article in only 2-3 months. Then all your articles will be able to produce an article a month, and so on and so forth.

Now, if that doesn’t seem like it adds up to a lot of money, replace the word article with website, or instead of thinking about 1 article, think about 1,000 articles.

The money quickly adds up.

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