easiest_online_passive_income_streamThere’s no real secret to earning money online.

The easiest online passive income stream you can generate is, in my opinion, affiliate marketing.

While this is definitely an easy business that anyone can start, it does require you to put in a fair amount of work up front. Too many people associate passive income with some romanticized idea of earning money without actually having to do anything.

The truth is that passive income is the idea of building a business that will pay dividends over time in a way that allows your earnings to grow consistently as you continue to work on the business.

For that, affiliate marketing fits the bill!

In this post I’ll explain why I think this such a great opportunity, and how to determine if it’s right for you.

Why Affiliate Marketing is the Easiest Online Passive Income Stream

Unparalleled Flexibility

To me, passive income is all about flexibility.

Like I mentioned above, I have no allusions about “not working” for my earnings. I just want to be able to work on my terms and have that work continue to pay dividends over time (as opposed to a one time paycheck offered by “normal” jobs).

I’ve built a number of businesses online, but affiliate marketing is the one that gives the greatest level of flexibility with my work.

I never have to go to an office or even get on a Skype call for a meeting, and it doesn’t matter if I work business hours or not. Not only that, but I can be anywhere in the world and still be productive, as long as I have an internet connection.

The Power of Compound Earnings

I have a separate post dedicated to this topic, so I’ll only mention it briefly here.

Affiliate sites compound in a way you wouldn’t believe.

After a few months of a “new site grace period” affiliate websites usually start to earn a very stable source of income. If you reinvest those earnings into creating additional content or new websites, you can grow your traffic and earnings at incredible rates.

By my math, every page I create pays for itself in about 10 months, and will continue to pay out for at least 5 years. That means that, on average, every page can build 5 new pages, each of which can build 5 new pages, so on and so forth.

It’s Easy To Learn

Finally, affiliate marketing is extremely easy to learn.

There’s not really anything complicated about it, you just need to follow a few basic principles, most of which you can “learn on the job” if you follow a good training.

All you need to do is follow a proven method and you can build a profitable site.

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I hope this helps you understand why affiliate marketing is one of the easiest online passive income streams. Learn more about getting started with affiliate marketing.