affiliate marketing content writingAre you trying to figure out how to write better content that will sell more affiliate products?

If so then this post is for you. Affiliate marketing content writing is a complex topic with a ton of subtleties. Like many great skills, it’s something that can take years to truly master.

Fortunately, however, the basics can be learned fairly quickly. In this post I’ll go over over a few tips for improving your posts.

It’s Not About Selling

The first tip is counterintuitive for many new bloggers.

Affiliate marketing is not selling. Your blog is not designed as a purely promotional platform.

I want to slam that into your head right now. Affiliate marketing is about providing reliable information that your readers are actively looking for.

The “sales” part comes in when the information your readers need has to do with choosing a product. Even then, while you can certainly have strong opinions about which products are better, you shouldn’t try to peddle a product just for the sake of a sale.

If anything, you can think of your posts as “pre-sales” material. You’re informing the user about a product, and doing so in a positive light when appropriate (just as you will write some reviews with a negative outlook as well). The actual conversion is left to the other company.

Affiliate Marketing Content Writing Should Feel Natural

Part of the reason you shouldn’t focus too heavily on selling products is because you need to keep your content natural.

This means that above all else, you should simply start with an idea and write to your heart’s content. Forget about keywords, word counts, and optimizing link placements. If you write genuinely, your readers will notice and appreciate it.

That will lead to lower bounce rates, more page views, and ultimately more sales.

Let Your Voice Shine Through

Finally, it’s important to let your own voice come through in your blog.

You’re not producing content just for the sake of producing content, you’re putting out posts that you think are helpful and informative.

That means that you’re allowed to include your opinions, even if those opinions aren’t “the norm” or are at times controversial. Many readers want to hear a variety of perspectives, so just copying what everyone else has said before you won’t get you anywhere.

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