make_100_day_onlineToday I’m going to take a step back from the usual nuts and bolts of how to work with affiliate marketing and talk about something many other bloggers neglect: what it feels like the first time you make $100 day online.

First off, you should know that it is an absolutely amazing feeling. It’s something you can’t truly imagine until you’ve actually done it! Then you can do it again… and again!

Those First Few Months of a New Site

The reality of work online is that you’ll end up spending your first few months working hard without seeing a lot of results. This is the true secret to earning online passive income and this time period is what separates those who will succeed from those who don’t. Read more about why most blogs fail.

In those difficult first few months, you have to focus on the small successes that you can control: creating great content, finding good products to promote, setting up a professional blog template, etc.

You can’t worry about traffic and bounce rates and the fact that you haven’t earned $10 million yet. This usually continues for at least a month, and sometimes more.

Then, the magic happens. You get your first sale! Maybe it’s a few cents from Adsense, maybe it’s a small commission, but usually it’s just a few dollars the first time. It’s motivating, but you still have to get back to the sloge.

But, when you make your first $100 in a day it’s different.

What The First Time You Make $100 in a Day Online Really Means

Making $100 in one day online isn’t really about the money. Yes, it’s awesome that you’ve achieved your first real paycheck, but really the feeling is about what this income represents.

It represents the fact that you can do this.

The first $100 is your first true passive income. The work you put in earlier paid off, and it usually comes in a moment when you weren’t thinking about earning money. You just log and see the credit sitting their in your affiliate account!

If you can earn $100 today, you think, you can earn it another day. And if you could earn $100 in a day, why not $200, or $500, or even $1,000! All of a sudden, the reality of what you’re doing begins to set in, and you realize that in a flash, you’re life has just changed for the better. Read more about how to make 1000 dollars online!

And that’s why it’s important to make that first $100!

Are You Ready To Make $100/Day Online

So, the only question is: are you ready to make $100 in a single day online?

Your best bet is to start with a free course that can walk you through step by step how to build a profitable web business. Click here to learn more about the free course that taught me how to make $100 a day online.