affiliate marketing marketing onlineWhether you’re just starting out or are brand new to affiliate marketing, marketing online just got a whole lot easier.

This is because Google and the other top search engines (Bing and Yahoo do still exist…right?) have been steadily working to make sure that real content gets to the top of the search engines.

For marketers, the result is simple and straightforward: now more than ever, the number 1 factor that will affect your rankings is the content that you have on your site.

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Forget Old Gimmicks

While the days in which you could shove in a bunch of keywords into your meta tags and then spin off 1,000s of backlinks to get to page 1 have long been gone, the last few years have really taken search engine sophistication to new levels.

It started with Penguin and Panda removing some loose-ends like article marketing and reciprocal link-sharing from having a major impact, and continued with the implementation of more sophisticated social algorithms.

The result is that anything you’re currently doing to try to ‘fake it until you make it’ with the search engines is probably working against you.

Your life is now easier than ever.

Life is SOOOOOO Much Simpler

Because you don’t have to worry about all these other SEO schemes that are out there, you can focus on what you really should have been focusing on all along: your content.

That’s what Matt Cutts and the Google search team have been saying for ages. The algorithms have finally gotten smart enough where it’s becoming true.

Stop trying to guess the algorithm. Stop trying to game the system.

Create good content, share it once to each of your social networks, and then relax.

Over time, Google and the other guys will notices your content and give it the recognition it deserves.

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