high converting affiliate linksWant to know a secret?

Your website can earn more money.

Not only that, but the magic of including high converting affiliate links on your website isn’t really that magical at all. It’s just a matter of following a clear process and analyzing your data.

In this post I’ll show you how.

Note: this post is for marketers who already have an affiliate website up and running. If you don’t yet have an affiliate site or aren’t including affiliate links on your website, you should work through this course first, or read my Ultimate Guide.

How To Include High Converting Affiliate Links

Getting “regular” old affiliate links to convert better isn’t really that difficult.

Some Key Principles

Firstly, there’s a few main principles you should follow:

  • Only sell on sales pages.
  • Don’t include affiliate links on non-sales pages.
  • Include 2 affiliate links per sales page
  • Make your product reviews personal.

Trust Your Data

If you already have affiliate links on your site, one of the most profitable actions you can take is to do a “hard review” of your data every month.

One difference between moderate and extreme online income is the ability to iterate your way to higher conversions.

For example, you should constantly:

  • Study your drop off rates and user flows.
  • Look at the hot spots on your page for where users tend to click.
  • A/B test different themes and different layouts.

A lot of times, the reality of where and how your users interact with your website will differ profoundly from what your initial guess or gut feeling says about where and how they should act.

Leave your personal biases aside and just give the users what they want. It’s the easiest way to earn more money…without really doing much of anything.

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