the power of long term thinkingIn today’s post I want to step back from the details of how to implement a solid affiliate marketing business and focus instead on some very powerful methods you can use to plan for your business’ success.

The trick lies with how you approach your long term thinking.

Envisioning Success

There’s a lot of literature available on the importance of creating a strong personal mission statement that includes your professional goals.

As an entrepreneur, this manifests as a company vision that you, as the business owner, can internalize and use to envision your own success.

This concept was first addressed in Think And Be Rich, but has gained a lot of popularity in recent years as Western business outlooks have mixed with neuro-scientific evidence and Eastern philosophy.

The idea is that seeing your own success before it happens can actually help you achieve it. You’ll begin to carry a subconscious attitude of success that will make you more productive and help you find and develop relationships that will contribute to your progress.

The 1-3 Year Timeframe

The second point to consider is that thinking long term helps your prioritize your goals and turn those big dreams into reality.

Individuals, on average, tend to overestimate the amount they can achieve in a 1 year timeframe, but underestimate the amount the can achieve within 3 years.

Thinking of your vision in terms of a 3 year plan, then, can help you focus on an objective that, right now, might seem like more than you can handle, but with consistent, productive action will gradually become available to you.

I also like to focus on the 1-3 year timeframe because anything more than that tends to be “just wishing” rather than thoughts that are centered around actionable steps you can take to achieve your goals.

Once you have this big picture plan in place, you can rely on your everyday actions to get you to your goal.

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