why_affiliate_sites_scale_wellMany people scoff at the amount of money you can make blogging.

They see a figure like $0.30 per post per month or $1 per post per month and quickly decide that they would need to work way too hard in order to earn any real money online.

In this post I’ll show you some real math I’ve personally used to calculate potential blog earnings, and show you exactly why affiliate websites scale so well.

It Isn’t Just $1

First, let me use the example above, where people look at possible earnings and think “Only $1! That’s nothing!”

That $1 is way more than just a dollar.

First of all, it’s a dollar per month. That means that your earnings are going to begin to compound like crazy, because every new post you produce will simply add to your existing earnings. This fact alone means that you have the potential to earn a lot of money with affiliate marketing.

But, there’s more.

That dollar isn’t just a dollar. If you reinvest your earnings, that dollar will easily pay for more high quality content for your website, which will in turn buy more, and more.

A Real Example

Let me use an example to illustrate.

Let’s say you produce a website with 50 well written articles easily capable of earning $1 per month.

At this point, you’re poised to earn $50 per month, right?

Wrong, you’re going to make way more.

If you reinvest that $50 per month into creating additional content for your site, you’ll be able to produce anywhere from 5-10 new articles per month without writing any of them yourself.

That’s because good articles are available for anywhere from $5-10.

  • By month 2 you have 60 articles, which is now $60/month.
  • By month 3 you have 72 articles.
  • By month 6 you’ll have around 125 articles, and that’s assuming you didn’t write any more after the original 50!

In 6 months you’ve not only doubled the size of the site, but increased your earnings by 150%!

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Scaling Up Is EASY

Now that we’ve looked at how these numbers play out with a small example, let’s scale it up a little.

The basic math behind these numbers is that you can grow an affiliate website by a consistent 20% per month, and that’s a number I’ve found to be conservative.

I’ve even had sites that grow as much as 100% each month, which means that I’ve doubled my income every month!

So, the only question is: how much do you want to earn?

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