secret to affiliate marketing successIf you’re like most beginning marketers, you came to internet marketing as a way to earn a few extra dollars on the side.

While that’s an important aim, the true secret to affiliate marketing success has nothing to do with your desire to earn an income.

It’s much, much simpler than that.

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The Secret To Affiliate Marketing Success

So, what’s the secret?

Help your readers.

Your readers are the key to your success.

If you produce content that continuously tries to sell your users a product on every page, they’ll bounce off your site faster than you can imagine.

If, on the other hand, you produce content that they can relate to. Content that gives them real insights, using your experience and knowledge to help guide them, then you’ll find that your site will be far more successful.

  • Readers will share genuine, interesting content.
  • Other bloggers will link to your posts.
  • Readers will subscribe to your RSS feed and an email list.
  • And, ultimately, readers will trust your opinion and make purchases from your affiliate links.

See this post for a case study.

Not Every User Will Convert, And That’s OK

A second point that goes along with this philosophy is that not every user will convert.

In fact, statistically, only a small percentage of your users will ever buy a product from one of your affiliate links.

And that’s ok.

While obviously I’d love it if every single site visitor bought a product, that’s not the primary reason I have my sites. I build my sites because I want to help others solve the same problems that I’ve faced.

That’s true whether my website is about traveling, music, sailing, or marketing. (Yes, I have owned sites in each of those niches).

The point is: put your user first, and affiliate marketing success will follow.

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