earning_online_passive_incomePassive income is real and it is accessible.

Most people think that earning online passive income is a pipe dream reserved for a select few. They worry that in order to really be successful online you need to be a web programmer who dreams in code or a professional marketer with years of experience.

The truth is that if most people knew just how easy it were, they’d be able to make 1000 dollars online in no time, and then 10,000, and then…well you get the idea.

In this post I’ll give you the secret to earning passive income online. It’s more accessible than you think.

Passive Income: An Overview

Before you can understand the secret to earning online passive income, you have to first understand what, exactly passive income is.

Passive income is NOT free money. It is not fast money, and it is most definitely NOT a get rich quick scheme.

Instead, passive income is simply the ability to earn money from an investment over time. Whereas “traditional” jobs pay a consistent wage or salary immediately upon completion of your work, passive income pays you revenue over the next several years, or possible even a lifetime.

For one example, think of a landlord who owns an apartment building. He purchased the building as an investment, and then every month he earns a stream of income from that investment. Over time he has the ability to recoup his initial money and earn significantly more, as revenue will continue to come in long after the original investment is repaid.

Online passive income uses the same premise, except that you don’t need nearly as much money to get started. You can invest either money or time into building a new business, and then earn a significant stream of income from that business for years to come.

The Secret to Earning Online Passive Income

That brings us to what the secret to earning money online actually is: work.

The worst and most pervasive myth about earning money online is that it comes immediately and for free. Well, I hate to break it to you, but nothing is free in this world.

While you don’t need to invest a lot of money into building an online business, it does take time to generate a sustainable income stream. This is the number 1 reason most new website fail. The owner simply did not give it enough time.

The good news, is that the amount of time you put in upfront will be repaid over time. Like the apartment building in the example above, a passive web-based business like an affiliate marketing site has the potential not simply to repay your initial effort, but to continue paying a monthly income for years.

That’s what gives affiliate businesses the potential to be so lucrative.

If you’re ready to commit to building your business and gain financial freedom, you can click here for a free training or read this post on how to get started TODAY!