make_1000_dollars_fast_easy_trickSometimes simple tricks can make a world of difference.

In this post I’m going to show you how I made one simple change to one of my affiliate websites and was able to make 1000 dollars fast.

Faster than I’d ever imagined.

Note: this post is about how I increased earnings from an existing site. If you’re just getting started, click here to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing or click here to access a free training.

The Change That Helped Me Make 1000 Dollars Fast

Some Background

First, you need to know a bit of background.

In this example, I’m talking about an affiliate site that I’d had for almost a year, and one that was already getting around 10,000 clicks per month, a respectable number for a young site.

The site was a travel site, and my main promotion at the time was for cruises, with affiliate commissions ranging from $25-50 per sale, so a moderate level of commission.

I also had already begun to build up an email list, and had around 9,000 subscribers, thanks to a few techniques I learned at Wealthy Affiliate.

The First Test Group

I was in the process of running an email campaign to my list of subscribers. These are people who had already visited my website and voluntarily signed up for my list, so I knew they were a targeted group of people.

I ran an email about a special cruise offer, which allowed them to purchase a cruise now at a discount and choose their specific dates later. The payout? $40 per sale.

As usual, I split my email list into 2 groups to test different layouts.

In the first group, I had an email linking them to the offer page on my website, with links in the first line and in the second to last line of the email.

I sent this email to about 4,500 people and made 12 sales, or $480 at roughly a 0.25%.

Not bad, but I could do better.

The Change That Made Me $1000!

For the second group, I changed things around a little bit.

I rewrote the subject line and first few lines of the email, and moved the link to the offer from the first line of text to the 2nd.

This simple change quadrupled the number of people that clicked through to my website, and tripled the number of sales!

With a similar sized list, around 4,500 emails, I had 41 sales, which represents a little less than 1% conversion rate!

The result? $1,640. Compared to the $480 of the first group, that simple change made me $1,160!!!

If ever anyone said it’s not possible to make good money with an affiliate site, think again!