super affiliate training differenceWhen I was first starting out as an affiliate marketing I was completely clueless about what people meant when they talked about super affiliate training versus regular affiliate marketing.

Eventually I figured it out: the difference is all about money.

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The Super Affiliate Difference

Basically, a “super affiliate” is an affiliate marketer that generates substantial income based solely on affiliate promotions.

What, exactly, substantial income means varies from person to person, but I think of super affiliates as that elusive two percent of bloggers that earn more than $100,000 a year from their efforts.

That’s because to me, six figures represents not just a full time income, but the ability to build an entire business from your efforts and change your life.

That means that as you scale your site you’ll actually get to the point where you start earning more money from working less!

How To Become A Super Affiliate

If you’re interested in becoming a full time online marketer, there’s really only one way to get there: consistent, targeted work.

I go into more detail on how to do affiliate marketing in this guide, and I also provide a 6-week schedule in this post, which is something I use in order to turn a profit quickly.

What Super Affiliate Training Programs Provide

Even with those resources in hand, I usually recommend that you find a good beginner course to work with, and make sure that you participate in a community of other affiliate marketers.

The difference between regular affiliate programs and super affiliate training is that the super affiliate programs will focus on how to scale your efforts reliability over time.

This can be done either by building a portfolio of websites, or by scaling up 1 or 2 websites into a full time business.

The focus is on how powerful small steps can be. When I started my first affiliate site I never dreamed I would eventually become a super affiliate.

With a little work and the right set of tools, you too can find success online!

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