There are tons of great affiliate marketing programs out there that can teach you how to run a successful internet marketing business in your spare time.

But, there’s only one top-ranked affiliate program affiliate marketing experts use over and over again, regardless of whether they’re beginning a new site or optimizing an old one.

So what is it?

Wealthy Affiliate.

Why it’s My Top Ranked Affiliate Program

I attribute much of my success with affiliate marketing to Wealthy Affiliate.

While I’ve been a professional online marketer since 2009, it wasn’t until I discovered Wealthy Affiliate that I realized just how easy the entire process actually is.

Their program streamlines all of the main concepts you need to know in order to master affiliate marketing, and puts them all into an easy to digest series of training courses.

The number of success stories in the community is unparalleled.

When I first took the course I learned a ton of information, and I’d already been in the business for quite some time! That, to me, says a lot.

Why Affiliate Marketing Experts Continue To Use It

The other key element about why Wealthy Affiliate is my favorite program is because there are thousands of other marketers that are actively engaged with the system.

The fact that a program can not only attract marketers, but retain their interest over time is a pretty amazing feat.

The community is incredible, since you have so many experts available to ask questions and get feedback. This leads to a great feeling of openness, community, confidence, and success.

Where To Start

Your best bet for getting started with Wealthy Affiliate is to try out their free basic membership.

With the free membership you can access 10 free classes as well as thousands of community blogs and trainings. It’s not a free trial. It’s simply free.

When you sign up, your best option is to go with the introductory getting started course, which will show you how to setup your website and launch your affiliate business on the right path.

Click here to learn more about what’s included in the free course.

Or, read my full Wealthy Affiliate review.