Set of conceptual firework unitsIf you’re thinking of starting a company where you can work from home, one great way to brainstorm is to sit down and list home based business ideas that combine your interests and areas of expertise.

To help get you started thinking of the possibilities, here are a few ideas you might consider.

  • Content Marketing. I’m a content marketer, so I may be a little biased, but the ins and outs of long tail marketing are pretty easy to learn. I recommend this training to get up to speed, and then you’ll be able to help others launch their web projects, or get started with a few of your own!
  • Website Design. You don’t have to be a hardcore programmer or a brilliant artist in order to excel at website design. Most people have an idea of what they want and there are plenty of templates for you to work from. Just learn a bit of HTML and CSS and you’ll be good to go.
  • Social Media Marketing. An in-demand field, social media marketers usually have tons of flexibility in terms of where and how they work. Make yourself an expert in the world of social networks, stay up to date with new trends, and you’ll be able to talk your way into a job fairly easily.
  • Management Consulting. Extremely lucrative but hard to break into, management consultants have a range of experience. If you have some sort of professional skill, from finance to business strategy to marketing, you can definitely make a living as a consultant. Use your own network or a freelance site like Elance or Guru to get your first clients in the door.
  • Freelance Writing. Freelance writing is one of the most accessible home jobs you can do, which unfortunately also makes it lower paid than some of the other options in this list. While getting yourself established can take a bit of work, signing up for a third party company, like ConstantContent can help you make a name for yourself more quickly.
  • Computer Programming. One of the most sought after careers, computer programmers often have tremendous flexibility in their choice of work. Home business options range from 1-2 days a week onsite at a client’s office in your city to flexible schedule, 100% virtual options. Often earning over $100/hour, it’s worth an investment to learn. Click here for a free intro programming class.
  • Informational Product Creation. Ever thought of becoming an info-preneur? These are entrepreneurs who build an entire business around creating strong pieces of content they can sell over and over again. If you want to learn more, Clickbank has the best resources and training for this type of business, with a built an sales network you can join immediately.
  • Skype Instructor. Nowadays it’s possible to teach almost anything online. From SAT tutoring to piano lessons, many people have built extremely successful careers by giving online lessons. Depending on your area of focus, you can expect to charge anywhere from $50-150 per hour, which makes for a pretty great income!
  • Affiliate Marketing. Last but certainly not least, affiliate marketing is my personal favorite home business. The level of flexibility it provides plus the nearly unlimited earnings potential makes it an unbeatable option. You can click here to learn more, or see this free training to try it out for yourself.

What other home based businesses can you think of? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.