wisdom of crowd how affiliate marketing exposes scams onlineOne of the biggest misconceptions out there about affiliate marketing is that it promotes the sale of online scams and makes it easier for scam artists to earn a lot of money from susceptible people online.

This is a really, really incorrect stereotype, and as an affiliate marketer it really bothers me that so many people believe it’s true.

Especially because the truth is actually the reverse.

Affiliate marketing exposes online scams way more often than it promotes them. In this post I’ll explain why.

How Affiliate Marketing Exposes Online Scams

Unbiased Reviews

In order to debunk this myth, I first need to explain that affiliate marketers usually have hundreds of options to choose from when it comes to promoting products on their sites.

This wealth of options means that we can be very, very picky about what makes the cut and what doesn’t, without worrying about losing revenue in the process.

The result is that affiliate sites provide unbiased reviews, and the collective wisdom of the blogosphere is able to provide solid recommendations for real products and warnings about scams.

Scams Are Bad for Business

It doesn’t matter if the scam offers a higher commission rate, that surface-level incentive is ultimately a disadvantage.

Higher quality products usually have a higher conversion rate, making up for and exceeding the earnings difference if they have a lower commission rate.

Not only that, but affiliate businesses are based on trust and statistics. While I would obviously love it if every reader on my site purchased something using one of my affiliate links, I know that’s never going to happen.

All I can do as a site owner is to provide the best information I can in order to help my readers figure out a solution to their problems. That means finding a solution that’s right for them.

Building this trust makes it more likely the reader will engage with my content, sign up for an email list, and ultimately provide me more opportunity to earn revenues in the long run.

Scams (and scam promotions) are easy to spot, and readers hate nothing more than the act of being oversold on a crappy product.

That’s the fastest way for them to leave and never come back.

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