affiliate marketing wikiIf you’re thinking about building an affiliate marketing wiki in order to make money online, there are a few things you should consider before you get started.

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Wikis are one of the most popular styles of website structure out there, and is the approach suggested in several top affiliate trainings, including Affilorama.

In this post I’ll focus on the wiki structure, and what pros and cons are involved.

Pros of Building an Affiliate Marketing Wiki

Firstly, let me address some of the benefits of building a wiki.

Wikis, by their very nature, tend to be highly structured. This is a huge benefit if you’re planning to build out an authority site, with more than a thousand pages.

Imposing a strict structure to follow will help you organize how you present your content, and will make it easier for the user to navigate between different pages.

Some argue that this structure ranks better in the search engines than a purely blog based approach, and point to popular examples like Wikipedia, Ebay, or Amazon as evidence of the huge success possible when you establish these structural guidelines.

Cons of the Wiki-Based Website

Like everything, however, there are a few tradeoffs.

The structure imposed on wikis, while a key component of what makes them successful, also means that some of the key SEO-parameters (like urls and page titles) are pre-determined, making it difficult to target any one specific keyword phrase with a page.

This SEO-based complaint also has a more fundamental underpinning: the notion that extreme structure can be limiting.

There’s always the possibility of having a need to include content that doesn’t quite fit into one of the predetermined categories, or perhaps stretches between multiple issues.

Furthermore, in the event that you need to alter the basic structure of the website at some point down the road, doing so is an immense undertaking, which can lead to increased costs.

When To Use An Affiliate Marketing Wiki

For me personally, I tend to prefer the blog-based structure, which is easy to setup and more flexible in the long run.

After almost a decade working online, I find that it’s extremely rare that I know completely how a website will evolve over time, which means that I like having a higher degree of freedom to adapt the site to changing business needs.

That said, everything has its place. As I mentioned above, the wiki approach works exceedingly well when you have a clear authority site you’re developing, especially with topics that lend themselves to rigid categorization.

At the end of the day, there is no single right answer, and the difference largely comes down to personal preference and philosophy.

If you’re looking for a training to learn more, Affilorama is my best recommendation for the structured, wiki-based approach, while Wealthy Affiliate has the best training for a blog-based approach.