Do you want to earn more money from your affiliate site?

Maybe you should try NOT to sell your products.

Before you run off and send Glengarry after me with his lecture on Always Be Closing, let me explain…

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Why Overselling Can Hurt Sales

One mistake many new affiliate marketers make is overselling. They reason that their site exists in order to promote products, and while they know they have to provide “genuine” information and opinions in order to be successful, they still focus too heavily on the bottom line.

The reality is that most users can spot promotional material a mile a way, and the first whiff of it they get leads them to exit the page. This leaves you with a higher bounce rate and, by extension, fewer sales than might actually be possible.

The Art of Not Selling

The reality is that only a very small percentage of your posts or pages on your site should actually be promoting affiliate products.

In general, I’d say you want to keep it to 10% or less of your total site content. Not only will that help you rank better in search, but it will help you engage your users more and will make your posts more compelling.

When you’re just starting out and eager to make your first few dollars, this mindset seems counterintuitive, but trust me: in the long run it will work far better and bring more profits to your business.

Implementing A Sales Funnel

I talk more about what a sales funnel looks like for an affiliate site in this post, but basically, the idea is to gradually weed out the users who are never going to buy one of your affiliate products, and gradually cultivate the ones who might.

Doing this is well is all about having a solid site structure. Make introductory, or landing page posts lead into your sales posts naturally, so that a user will have the opportunity to click your affiliate links when the time is right for him.

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