I’ve been meaning to write up an Udemy Review for sometime, because I’ve been impressed with their platform and think they have some really great courses to offer.

Udemy is an online learning platform that lets individuals and organizations create and distribute courses to a wide audience.

There are already dozens of courses related to internet marketing and making money online, and because Udemy offers such a comprehensive learning platform for a variety of subjects, I’d be surprised if more online marketing courses didn’t surface in the near future.

That makes it nearly impossible for me to take and review every course in a lot of detail, so instead I’ll focus on the pros and cons of the Udemy system, and then list a few courses you might want to try.

Udemy Review: Pros

  1. The Platform. Udemy provides a complete platform that manages both user and content provider needs. It makes it easy for just about anyone to upload and sell a course in their expertise.
  2. Courses for any Budget. Most Udemy courses are amazingly cheap. You can find some for as little as $9 and a good number of them are under $40, though there are some with pricing at several hundred dollars or more.
  3. Only Buy What You Need. Udemy is great for brushing up one a specific skillset or exploring a few topics you’re unfamiliar with. That’s perfect for intermediate marketers trying to improve their skills, butnot so perfect for those just starting out. If you want a comprehensive course with step by step actions, you’re better off going elsewhere.

Udemy Review: Cons

  1. Author Credibility. This is the antithesis to the open-platform system. Anyone can create content, so before buying a course make sure you think about the authority and credibility of the author. Usually it’s great, and there is some course screening involved, but be sure to double check.
  2. No Community. Because Udemy is a pay per course system that offers lots of affordable options, it doesn’t provide the ‘classroom unity’ you need to really master a subject. While some courses have Q&A or forum sections, if you want community and support, go with Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama Blueprint.
  3. Beware the Budget. Sometimes you get what you pay for. Some courses are extremely thorough, while others not so much. If the course seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be sure to look at what’s included and how long the course is before signing up.

Udemy Internet Marketing Courses

The following are a few good options for online marketing courses from Udemy.

  • How to Make Money with internet Marketing
  • How to Make Money Online the Real Way
  • How to Make Real Money with Google AdSense


Regardless of what skillset you’re trying to improve, check out Udemy. It’s 100% free to signup.