happy new yearIt’s December 31 and another year has come and gone.

Did you complete all of your resolutions from last year? Did you earn the right amount of money, or are you still hoping for more?

If you want to earn more money in 2015 then you need to make (and follow through with) a New Year’s Resolution that will really make a difference in your life.

Just Imagine…

What if I told you that you have two options before you.

Option 1: One year from today you’re going to be in exactly the same position you are today. You have a slew off half-completed and long forgotten resolutions from the year before and only now, on New Year’s Eve, do you think back to what those resolutions actually were.

Option 2: One year from today you’re going to have more financial freedom, personal flexibility, and self-confidence than you’ve ever had before. You’re going to have a small business that you built from scratch, and that business is going to provide you with that extra boost you need to get ahead with your finances, or even quit your job and travel the world.

Why Option 2 Is Realistic

I’d vote for option 2.

The Money Part…

It’s not going to be a cakewalk, but getting to that dream is a real possibility. If you start today (ok, maybe tomorrow, it is New Year’s Eve after all…) and work diligently for a year, you’ll be able to put all the pieces in place to be earning money from a website, or a portfolio of websites.

The magic of passive income is that those websites are valuable business assets. They will consistently generate revenue, even after you’ve built them and stopped working on them. It won’t be a lot of income at first, but overtime your work will compound and you’ll begin to see some serious dividends.

Read more about my affiliate income math.

The Confidence Aspect

The second aspect is confidence. This is something that is far too often overlooked, but there’s an incredible biochemical force at play, that can positively impact your life for decades.

Affiliate marketing is great because it (like many businesses) can be broken down into a series of small tasks. The differences is that the tasks required to do well with affiliate marketing are clear, actionable, and always available.

As you progress with your business, you’ll gradually start convincing your brain that yes, you can do this. Not only that, you’ll develop the confidence to know that you can break anything down and, step by step, make it to your goal.

That’s an implication that goes far beyond a little extra side income. It’ll make for a really Happy New Year!

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