profitable_affiliate_businessOwning a profitable affiliate marketing website is one of the classic “internet wealth” dreams.

For many, it seems out of reach, but the truth is that owning a profitable affiliate site isn’t difficult to do.

In this post, I’ll show you the 3 basic ways you can have your own site.

3 Ways To Own A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Website

Buy An Existing Website

The first way and definitely the fastest, for those of you looking to make some extra cash quickly, is to buy an existing site.

You can do this in a number of different weays, from using a website marketplace like Flippa to Googling around to find niche sites in your target market, and reaching out directly to the owners.

This second technique is my personal favorite, since many small website owners will happily entertain a buyout offer, even if they weren’t actively looking to sell.

Read more about buying affiliate websites.

Pay Someone To Start A Website For You

Online marketing isn’t hard, right? So why not just pay someone else to start a website and see what happens?

While taking this approach will work once in a while, for the overwhelming majority of beginners this is the wrong mindset to have.

Outsourcing is something that can save you a lot of time and help increase your earnings, but only if you already know exactly what it is you’re doing.

You can’t expect your employees to provide you with the right direction necessary for your site. Only you can do that, which means outsourcing for most people is best used as a Phase 2 or 3, rather than a Phase 1 tool.

Start It Yourself

The best bet is to learn the required skills by doing it yourself.

Affiliate marketing is not difficult to learn, and the act of building your own site will give you the confidence and knowledge to succeed in a wide range of future endeavours, from launching another affiliate site to developing your own product to sell to other web projects you might think of along the way.

If you follow a beginner course, and join an active community, you’ll be ahead of 90% of the other would-be entrepreneurs out there.

My recommendation is that you take advantage of these 10 free classes in order to get started.

That’s the real way you can own a profitable affiliate marketing website.