warrior forum logoWarrior Forum is considered to be one of the biggest Internet marketing forums. With this forum, you get to access valuable information from other marketers and experts across various industries and niches. In this post I’ll give you a complete warrior forum review, and tell you the pros and the cons of buying a warrior forum membership.

Warrior Forum is easy to use but is definitely powerful. For newbies, you can just get ask a question and the “Guru” in turn provides the relevant information needed. Internet marketing experts would then offer their products and services and you can simply choose which to purchase.

What’s Good About Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is popular among beginners, advanced internet marketers and business owners for the simple fact that it is a perfect marketplace not just for products and services but as well as information. What is nice about this forum is that you get to choose among the different offers depending on your budget and what you think is suitable to your needs. For Internet marketers and business owners, this is a good place where you can sell your products/services. Another positive aspect of this forum is that it has reliable censorship. Warrior Forum is 100% moderated which means that you can avoid scams so only serious people conduct business.

What’s Not So Good About Warrior Forum

Albeit the good things mentioned about the site, it has its share of cons too. Some users complain that there are just too many products and services being offered. So, for those who seriously don’t know which way to start, it can be quite difficult considering that there are too many options to choose from. When it comes to the cost, the fee might just $20 for the membership but you will have to pay for additional costs if ever you want to offer or sell your products/services.

Final Thoughts

Weighing the good and bad, you can still say that Warrior Forum is a reliable site for those who seriously want to learn and know more about Internet marketing. For a price of just $20, you get to learn so many things from other marketers, gurus and experts. Since the site is really popular among marketers and business owners, this is also a perfect place for you to generate income by offering your products/services. Tons of programs and products are available depending on what you are looking for.

Although the site receives some minor negative comments, over-all it is a reliable and credible site.

However, in my opinion the Warrior Forum has gone downhill over the last couple of years, and isn’t nearly as great as what it once was. Too many of the members are interested in black hat and other short short term scammy techniques, which pollutes the entire atmosphere of the site.

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