ALCS - Detroit Tigers v Boston Red Sox - Game SixAs I mentioned in my post on types of affiliate marketers, grand slam affiliates are marketers that attempt to go big or go home when developing a new site.

Usually, these marketers are not new to the game, and know how to structure a site such that it has a strong probability for success. They may even have an existing distribution network, like an email list from a previous site, that they can use to launch their new venture.

But what are Grand Slam Affiliates?

Grand Slam Affiliate sites are sites that are usually directed at a small product base. The site owner often, but not always, develops a relationship with the product owner to earn higher commissions from any sales, with the idea that he is going to be basing his business entirely off of those sales.

In return, the product owner usually demands a specified minimum number of sales per month, or at least a minimum level of promotion on the affiliate site in order to justify the higher commission.

While grand slam sites are not always extremely large, they are usually very targeted and the marketer is experienced enough to know exactly how to go after the demographic in question.

Pros and Cons of the Grand Slam Affiliate Strategy

The benefit of this strategy is that if it works, it usually yields sizable payouts to the affiliate. By negotiating the higher commission in return for high traffic, the affiliate is able to allot himself higher margins for his own promotional techniques, whether that’s producing excellent content or leveraging a PPC strategy.

The downside is that there is usually more pressure on the affiliate to return a high conversion rate and large number of sales. This usually requires some sort of pre-existing customer base (like an email list) or the ability to create a targeted customer base very quickly (through viral or paid marketing, for example).

If the affiliate is unable to provide the requisite amount of traffic or conversions, he often loses the deal and risks his relationship with the product owner. Since the site was targeted towards 1-2 specific products, this can be a difficult loss to recover from.

This strategy is often used in conjunction with either a niche-domination approach or a micro-niche strategy, since the ‘grand slam’ site is best done as part of a portfolio based approach.

While effective, a grand slam strategy is usually not right for beginners. If you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing, consider using a rounded base hit strategy for your first site.