scam_product_reviewsOne powerful affiliate technique to use is to create a scam-alert site, or at least to incorporate a few negative product reviews onto your website.

The question is: why is this technique effective? If users are searching for scam information, or suspect a product is a scam, doesn’t that imply they’re unlikely to buy?

Users Probably Won’t Buy Scams

First I’ll address the question head on. The answer, simply, is: Yes.

Most users will NOT a product they suspect is a scam.

That should be somewhat obvious, and they may even be interested in information on how to avoid scams. However, there’s a subtle implication in that sentence. If most users will not buy the product, it implies that some users will. That means that you can still include an affiliate link on the page and a small percentage might click through to buy it.

While not the most lucrative source of your site income, revenue is revenue, so you don’t care if someone buys a product against your recommendation. Be honest, but include the link.

Searching for Scams Shows Purchase Intent

However, the more important point to draw out of this question is what most users will buy.

Just because a user is hesitant to buy one product (because their intuition tells them it’s a scam) doesn’t mean that they won’t buy another, related product or service.

In fact, I’d argue there’s a good chance they will buy a different product that’s a better fit for them. Think about it this way: you’d only be interested in sniffing out a scam if you were interested in the service that scam might, potentially provide.

So what are users really looking for when they search for scam reviews?

They’re looking for trustworthy products in the same niche.

Not only that, but this puts you as a blogger in an excellent position. You’ve just gained the reader’s trust by telling it to them straight and confirming that the product they searched for is a scam. Now  you have a tremendous opportunity to lead them to a product that isn’t a scam. The reader will trust you because you’ve just proven you think like them.

I hope this article helps provide some background on the importance of including negative affiliate reviews for scam products. Now it’s time to look at how to turn a negative review into an affiliate sale.