what_i_dont_like_about_work_home_jobsWhile there are a ton of reasons I love affiliate marketing and being able to work from my laptop at anytime, from anywhere in the world, life isn’t perfect and there are some disadvantages to most of the work from home jobs online.

I thought I’d take a different approach today and talk about the things I DON’T like about working online.

Working From Home Can Be Lonely

The first reason that I sometimes get frustrated working from home is that the process is inherently lonely.

It might sound ironic, but when you’re all alone at your laptop, there is a natural lack of connection that you have with the outside world.

I know, I know. The internet is the very definition of connectivity. But what I mean is that compared to an interactive office setting, you don’t get the same level of energy as you can face to face.

That means that when you’re having a bad day, it’s up to you to cheer yourself up.

Most Work Home Jobs Online Have No Boundaries

The second disadvantage to working from home is that most work home jobs online have no real boundaries between your personal and work life.

It’s up to you to decide when to work and when not to work, as well as what your objectives are for each day, week, and month.

Although I really think this is mostly an advantage, the downside is that it can be tempting to spend “just one more hour” trying to get a little more done…time snippets that can quickly add up.

My Solutions

Fortunately, I’ve developed clear solutions to each of these problems.

For the first, I make sure I have a strong support network of other entrepreneurs. Really, I have two.

I’m a member of what I think is the best affiliate marketing community, which can help me get through the day to day issues that arise (from technical skills, marketing suggestions, to simple motivation) as I work on my sites.

I’ve also developed a smaller, close-knit group of other entrepreneurs I work with. This team is a little different, since each member runs a completely different type of business.

The common factor is that we all work online, and we all need to ping ideas off of someone, gripe about some missed objective, or get some encouragement when we hit a roadblock.

In terms of setting boundaries, over time I’ve come to understand what are realistic and unrealistic expectations for both my website performance and my daily task list.

That helps me set goals that are realistic and attainable, and (perhaps more importantly) focus on things that are within my control.

If I can do that, then I can feel productive each and every day, which means I’m not likely to have any sleepless nights about whether or not I’ll make ends meet.

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