If you’re looking for ways to market your website, drive more traffic, and ultimately earn more money, you may have come across the Dot Com Secrets program.

Developed by Russell Brunson, this is a membership club that gives you exclusive access to internet marketing tips and tactics you probably haven’t heard of. But, what is Dot Com Secrets about? Is it worth the monthly membership fee just to get ideas on how to market your site?

In this post I’ll give a detailed Dot Com Secrets X Review, and look at whether or not this program is worth the cost.

What Is Dot Com Secrets?

what is dot com secrets aboutFirst, let’s look at what Dot Com Secrets actually is.

This program is owned by Russell Brunson where you can enjoy a free trial for just $1 and pay $47 per month if you want to get the product, which puts the pricing in line with other top internet marketing programs, including Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama.

Unfortunately, there’s no free trial available. To enjoy the features of DotComSecrets, you have to pay and download the digital product. You can easily purchase it from their website.

Fundamentally, Dot Com Secrets is a mentorship and coaching program. You need to “apply” in order to be accepted into their system, but I imagine that their screening process is fairly straightforward: they’re basically just looking for people with real online businesses and products to sell.

Once accepted (shouldn’t be a problem for most companies), you’ll get one on one mentorship and coaching, as well as a ton of materials that will teach you how to optimize your landing page and improve your conversion rates, then drive profitable traffic to your page.

What’s Good About DotComSecrets Coaching Program

dot com secrets x reviewPrior to buying this digital product, you need to know what specific advantages you can get in getting this program.For one, it gives you the best features that you can definitely use to your advantage to learn the techniques of Internet marketing.

Since you can easily download the program in different formats, it is very much portable and can easily use it in any device. With the program giving you techniques that can help you with niche marketing, e-mail list building, etc., you can get valuable information.

Plus, you can also get a refund unlike other Internet marketing products.


But along with the advantages of DotComSecrets Coaching Program, it has its share of cons too.

One of the downsides of this program is that you do not get to have full access all of the training lessons you need. What this program does is that it only allows you to have access 7 days of lessons at a time. Another downside is that many question the real purpose of the program. When you read what other marketers say about the program, you can see for yourself that it helps you become a whole seller to sell any the following products in the program.

Final Conclusion: Is Dot Com Secrets X Worth The Cost?

Given the pros and the cons, is the DotComSecrets Coaching Program worth the purchase? Considering that you can enjoy the trial for just $1, there is no harm in trying what this coaching program can offer you.

After all, every marketer has his own preferences when it comes to training lessons that he find useful. But just before you decide to shed out cash for this program; take time to assess the coaching program while you are still on the trial period. In that way, you can see for yourself if this one fits you.

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