I know a lot of you are curious about getting started with affiliate marketing, but have yet to make the leap and commit to building a profitable online business.

To help get you over that hurdle and into the mindset of taking action, I’m going to show you a sneak peek inside the Wealthy Affiliate member login area, so you can get a glimpse of what’s inside.

Please note that this post is not a review. You can read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Inside the Wealthy Affiliate Member Login Area

The Dashboard

wealthy_affiliate_resourcesThe dashboard screen is going to be your main hub if you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate.

The core of the platform lies in two sections, located on the upper left hand column for trainings and action items, from the course videos and forums to the ‘build my site’ feature for easy access to your WordPress admin panel to the extensive research and keyword tools below.

The other main aspect of your navigation to note is in the upper right, stretched horizontally across the screen with a series of icons. From this section you’ll be able to interact with the WA community, write blog posts or trainings, and track any affiliate earnings you have.

The Lesson Pages

wealthy_affiliate_lesson_exampleAfter the dashboard, the next area where you’ll spend the most time is probably within the courses and trainings. There are several courses to choose from, and two arcs or “tracks” you could move through.

As you work through the lessons, you’ll find that each class has a similar structure, which helps keep you on point as you build your business. The classes are 10 lessons each, and each lesson has a text page, a 10-15 minute video training, clear action items and tasks for you to complete on your own website, and an area for questions and getting help.

Many of the lessons also include links to further resources within the affiliate community, such as additional blog posts that can help get you over any obstacles you encounter.

The Activity Feed

wealthy_affiliate_community_discussionBased on the design of other popular social networks, Wealthy Affiliate also has a live feed and community feel to it.

You can follow other individuals, write private messages, engage in a live chat with other members, or post to a community-wide feed. Posts range from examples of success to questions to other helpful resources members have created or found.

The feed is an excellent feature and great for promoting community interaction, which is essential to ensuring your success in the early days of your new venture.

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I hope this post helped give you a better idea of what’s inside the Wealthy Affiliate member login area. I hope to see you on the other side!

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