what kind of website do i need for affiliate marketingIt’s a common question, and one that new affiliates ask me all the time:

What kind of website do I need for affiliate marketing?

It’s an important question and one of the key decisions you’ll make early on in your career as an internet marketer.

The truth is there’s no one right answer. In this post I’ll go through what some of your options are and which one I think works best.

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Types of Affiliate Marketing Websites

The Blog Based Approach

Firstly, you can start an affiliate marketing site that’s based off of a blog platform, like WordPress.

This is usually my recommendation for new affiliates because it’s easy to get setup. You can follow the instructions detailed in this post, or walk through this free training to get your site established.

The other reason the blog approach is popular is because it gives you a lot of flexibility for building your site in the long run. Large blogging systems, like WordPress, aren’t just blogs, they’re entire content management systems that come with access to thousands of apps and widgets (called plugins).

Since the software itself is free (you only have to pay for your hosting), it saves you thousands of dollars in development costs, compared to a custom-build solution.

The Database Approach

The other primary option you have is to set your site up as a hierarchical database.

The biggest example of this type of site is wikipedia.org (as well as most online retailers),which has clearly delineated categories and sub-categories that help users find and access the information they want.

This can be the right approach to take if you’re building out an authority site, with information on lots of related sub-topics.

Some training courses, like Affilorama, argue that this setup ranks better in the search engines because it is highly structured.

Personally, I’m not convinced of that argument, because while you have structure, you’re less likely to have urls mapping to exact keyword matches, which makes it an even trade in my mind.

What Kind of Website Works Best?

Personally, I prefer the blog-based approach.

I’ve been using it for years, and have had a lot of success, so really have no reason to complain.

As I alluded to above, the advantages are really two-fold:
It’s really easy to set up, with 0 technical development and maintenance costs, and
It’s easy to edit and maintain, with thousands of free or cheap plugins that can help you get any functionality you might need.

To get started, you can read this post on how to get your WordPress blog setup yourself, or follow the free walkthrough provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

Best of luck and let me know if you have any questions!