what to expect from a new affiliate marketing businessWhen it comes to expectations from online businesses, many entrepreneurs have beliefs that fall all over the map.

Unfortunately, many of these beliefs are complete unrealistic, as there are millions of people who think that making money online is an instant, easy process.

While it isn’t difficult, per se, to make money from a new affiliate marketing business, it is anything but instant. In this post I’ll give you a few realistic guidelines you might want to follow when it comes to getting your new site off the ground.

If Someone Promises You Instant Results, It’s Probably A Scam

The first thing to note is that you should never, ever ever buy anything that’s going to promise you instant results from an online business.

I have yet to come across any legitimate opportunity that can make you profit in less than a month. It simply doesn’t happen.

You might start to see some results early on, but probably not enough to get to the point where you’re really rolling in the dough.

A Few Month Buffer

Not only will you not be making millions your first month, it’s likely that you won’t even earn any money for those first few weeks.

When I first started out with affiliate marketing, it took me 3 months before I made a dime. Even then, I only earned $8 from a single commission!

It wasn’t until a few months after that when my earnings began to pick up and become more consistent. Before the end of the year, however, I was earning more than $1,000 a month from the site!

Commit For A Year

That last statement should be proof enough that affiliate earnings are something you’re going to want to commit to for the long haul.

What happens is that most people give up after 3 to 6 months, and lose all hope of ever making money online. The reality is that this initial hurdle is the most difficult part of affiliate marketing to master, and it’s all psychological.

Committing to a full year before you begin will drastically increase your chances of success. You won’t get your hopes up of earning thousands in your first few months, and you’ll be able to step back a evaluate your progress with an unbiased, open mind.

Slow and Steady Beats Rapid Spurts

Now that you know that affiliate marketing is something you need to be ready to commit to for the long haul, it’s important to know that it’s better to make your progress gradually, but surely.

This is a race where the tortoise will always beat the hare. So don’t bite off more than you can chew, because rapid bursts followed by inactivity will not be as effective or as profitable as a slow, gradual increase in your website content, followers, traffic, and sales.

I hope this helps you understand more about what it looks like to start an affiliate site with a good foundation. For more information on learning affiliate marketing, click here.