When it comes to using affiliate marketing software, you’ll find opinions all over the map.

Some programs, like Niche Profit Classroom, focus on extreme automation efforts that rely heavily on software programs to find niche opportunities and deploy sites to target them. While I have some friends who have used this method successfully, it, personally, isn’t my style.

I take a milder approach. In this post I’ll outline what type of affiliate marketing software you need, as well as a my top recommendation for purchase.

The Affiliate Marketing Software You Really Need

Firstly, let me explain my view on using software in a single sentence:

Software is a great affiliate marketing tool, but it is not a replacement for your work.

In other words, you can use programs to help you identify opportunities, but at the end of the day you are still going to have to do the work to write the articles, review the products, and produce the website.

So, what do I use software for? Two areas:

  1. Market research, including keyword research, search trends, and competitor analysis, and
  2. Internal site analysis and optimization.

I do NOT recommend software for article spinning, backlinking, or any other black-hat SEO technique you might come across.

The Best Tools

I want to make sure you understand that philosophy because it is a major influencer of which tools I think are the best.

Comprehensive Software: AffiloJetpack

For a comprehensive suite of software, I recommend AffiloJetPack. This is a great tool that helps you with each of the components I listed above. An added benefit is that it’s included within the Affilorama Premium package, so you can get both instructional training and access to the software with one subscription.

That’s a huge benefit in my mind, and where Affilorama truly excels in pulling everything together. Compared to the software included with Wealthy Affiliate, the other top training course, Affilo Jetpack is much more sophisticated and easier to use.

Keyword Research: Jaaxy

If, on the other hand, you’re not looking for a comprehensive software suite and want to focus solely on keyword research, I strongly recommend Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is a great platform that puts monthly search volume, estimated traffic, quoted competition, and a unique SEO ranking factor all in one line, making it easy to find the phrases that will work best for your site. Learn more in this post, which includes a free trial offer.