top_affiliate_marketing_plansWhen you’re working as an affiliate marketer it’s necessary that you develop a solid strategy for how you’re going to build out your site.

The top affiliate marketing plans include a combination of techniques that allow the site owners to optimize their income.

In this post I’ll cover some of the key characteristics the best plans all have in common. I also have a detailed 6 week schedule here you can use to launch your site for success!

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The 3 Characteristics of Top Affiliate Marketing Plans

I find that most of the top plans implemented by affiliate share three primary characteristics.

Focused Revenue Strategy

One mistake many new internet marketers make is trying to monetize their site at every single possible point.

While you want to include some diversity in your affiliate offerings, it’s usually best if you focus your sites to promote fewer products well.

In other words: it’s often better to make 100 sales of one product than 5 sales each of 10 different products.

They’re Not Always Selling

Readers can tell pretty easily when they’re reading a sales pitch.

While it’s necessary to include some posts that have stronger sales materials, that doesn’t mean that every post needs to be promoting a product all the time.

I usually incorporate a three-tiered system for blog posts with different levels of how those pages connect to the products I promote. Read more about the multi-tiered approach here.

Managing Multiple Sites vs. One Authority Site

One misconception many beginners have about affiliate marketing is that in order to earn substantial income you need to have a large portfolio of sites.

This is simply not the case, and I know many affiliate who earn a handsome living off of only 1 or 2 primary websites.

Whichever path you choose, you should be sure to design your affiliate marketing plan to stick to that approach.

Don’t build more sites than you can reasonably manage and it’s usually good to make sure that every site you have fits squarely into your plan before you run off and start another 5 projects!

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