affiliate_marketing_schoolStarting out with affiliate marketing can feel overwhelming at times. One suggestion I have for anyone interested in internet marketing is to find a reputable affiliate marketing school and work through their entire program. You can read more about the best beginner affiliate courses here.

You’ll learn a ton about how to get an internet business off the ground, and the benefits of following a strict program cannot be overstated.

In this post I’ll tell you a little bit about my experience starting with affiliate marketing and what I learned by joining Wealthy Affiliate.

My Experience

When I first started out I consistently felt overwhelmed by the amount of material out there, and I quickly became paralyzed with inaction, unsure how to get going and start a real website.

There are so many great affiliate blogs out there, many of which have conflicting information about “best practices,” so sorting through good and bad content can be a major obstacle.

Starting with Wealthy Affiliate, the immediate thing I noticed was how quickly I was able to get centered on actionable, achievable steps I could take to start my new website.

This, more than anything was worth it, since it got me working towards a concrete vision of what to do.

What I Learned In Affiliate Marketing School

Once I had a clear program to follow, a program I knew had a ton of success stories, I was able to hone in on what I needed to learn.

Topics covered run the gamut from niche selection to keywords to content writing and monetization.

If you follow the step by step series of courses, you’ll learn how to choose a profitable niche, setup a WordPress site, find keywords related to your niche, and produce content that will rank in Google.

The focus is on providing value to your users in a way that lets your page generate organic traffic to drive sales.

The BIG Takeaway

While the content of an affiliate marketing school is important, the bigger takeaway in my mind is that this is something that literally anyone can do.

When I started, I’d already been working in online marketing for a while, but through my journey I’ve met other affiliate marketers that started with no computer experience whatsoever, and had built profitable sites within a few months of starting out! Read more about affiliate success stories.

To me, that’s the real power of any affiliate marketing program: the community. Getting to interact with a pool of successful site owners and pick their brains while working on your own site is hands down the best way to learn.

Anyone can build a profitable affiliate site. All it takes is a little dedication, a good set of tools, and a nudge in the right direction.

So if you’re thinking about joining an affiliate marketing school, just do it! My recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate, which has 10 free classes you can start today!