base_hit_strategyMany affiliate sites function on a “base hit” model, which is to say that they target a sequence of long-tail keywords and derive traffic by producing a large volume of posts on those keywords.

Unlike a grand-slam strategy, which focuses on only one or two products, this type of affiliate strategy tends to be a little broader in nature, since the marketer needs to be able to find sufficient content areas to develop into significant traffic potential. Base hite strategies, therefore, often lend themselves towards building a foundation for an authority site, rather a a hyper-niche, but this is not always the case.

Characteristics of a Good Base Hit Strategy

This strategy usually has a couple of core characteristics:

Large number of long-tail keywords.

Base hit approaches rely on ranking well for long tail keywords. This means that the marketer needs to be able to find a lot of keywords with relatively low competition that can be targeted in different posts.

This low hanging fruit approach requires a lot of content to be developed, often at the risk of the quality of the content. From the marketer’s perspective, it doesn’t matter if he can only get a few clicks per month for any individual post, because he is literally going to write thousands of these posts.

Unlike an authority site, however, each post topic is restricted to a narrower topic-niche.

Different, but Related Topics.

The need for a large number of quality keywords means that the niche has to be centered around very similar topics that spark different types of searches from the user. One example of this is geographic targeting, in which a phrase like “Best PRODUCT in CITY” can be extrapolated to provide a nearly infinite number of themed-topics to write on.

Is A Base Hit Approach Right For You?

Rather than consider the pros and cons of this strategy directly, it’s more important that you, as an affiliate, evaluate whether the approach is right for you.

Base hit affiliates need to have the two characteristics mentioned above, but they also need to be in a position to create an overwhelming amount of content. If you have the time and facility to create multiple posts per day for your site, then the base hit strategy could be an excellent way to go.

It’s also important to not that this strategy does not require an inordinate amount of affiliate experience to be successful. If you understand how to find good keywords and are an expert in your niche, than you are already on your way to being able to incorporate this strategy into your site. It’s a great technique to use if you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing.