dont be fooled highest paid affiliate marketing programsIf you’re new to affiliate marketing, I understand the intense drive you probably have to make money ASAP. As in, yesterday.

Unfortunately that’s simply not how affiliate marketing works.

For many new marketers, this drives them to build sites that focus on the highest paid affiliate marketing programs they can find.

In my experience, this is absolutely the wrong approach to take. In this post I’ll outline when to avoid these programs.

3 Reasons Not To Be Fooled By The Highest Paid Affiliate Marketing Programs

Low Conversion Rates

The first reason you should be wary of seemingly high commission programs is that many of these programs offer these rates because they have extremely low conversion rates.

A $300 per sale payout doesn’t do you much good if the conversion rate is only 0.1%. By that math, you’d have to drive 1,000 clicks just to earn a single commission, which means your own site would have to generate a ton of traffic to be profitable.

High Competition

Secondly, the highest commissions tend to attract a lot of affiliate competition.

Other affiliates just like you see these rates and are eager to get a piece of the pie. This makes your job harder, since your site will take longer to rank and will always risk being one-upped by the next guy out there.

Lower competition niches can often be profitable more quickly.

Think Base Hits, Not Grand Slams

Rather than falling for these offers, I recommend you follow a slow and steady approach.

Affiliate marketing is not a route to overnight riches. It’s a gradual process through which you can build wealth over time.

This process involves real work, but it is relatively straightforward to learn.

If you can consistently make base hits with your websites, you’ll be on your way to real online wealth in no time.

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