an affiliate marketing how to guideWhen I was first beginning my career online I remember having a lot of trouble finding an affiliate marketing how to guide for free.

At that point in time, I had a hunch that there was something to this affiliate stuff and I wanted desperately to learn, but I wasn’t ready to shell out a hundred bucks to do so!

Fortunately, the ecosystem has evolved a lot since then, and there are now more resources available for free than you could possibly imagine.

The Down and Dirty Affiliate Marketing How To Guide

If you’re just looking for a quick route to get a basic understanding of affiliate marketing, I have a few resources right here on this site that you might be interested in.

The first is my guide that I have published in another post. In the guide, i break down the process of getting started with affiliate marketing into 6 simple steps. I layout the basic information you need to understand the processes involved, and suggest a few actions you might take to get going. The guide has a written component and a video walkthrough. Click here to check it out.

An Easy To Follow Schedule

If you already have a basic understanding of how affiliate marketing works and are looking to get started ASAP, I recommend this schedule.

It provides a 6 week step by step plan of what you can do in order to get your business launched and put yourself on the path to earning a real income online.

The #1 Choice

Ok, now that I’m through with my shameless self promotion, I have to admit that the best guide out there wasn’t written by me! For that, I’m going to direct you over to Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is, in my opinion, the best free affiliate training available online. More than a how to guide, they offer an entire course for free.

The introductory video course covers the basics of how affiliate marketing works and how you can get started quickly and easily. They’ll even set you up with two free sites to get you rolling!

Click here to get access to the free course.

So that’s it! If you have other suggestions about an affiliate marketing how to guide, feel free to let me know!