affiliate_marketing_helpAs an online entrepreneur, it’s normal to run into obstacles. What sets you apart from the rest of those trying to run a successful affiliate business is what you do in the face of those obstacles, and sometimes that can mean asking for a little affiliate marketing help.

Note: this post is for those who are looking for solutions to affiliate marketing problems. If you’re unsure whether or not you need help with your affiliate site, I suggest you read this post.

3 Sources of Affiliate Marketing Help

In my mind, there are really 3 basic ways to get help solving whatever problem you’re currently facing with your affiliate site: blogs, paid resources, and communities (aka: real people).

Solving Problems Through Blogs

Your first stop in finding help with your affiliate site is probably going to be the blogosphere.

There are a lot of great internet marketing blogs (including this one!) with tons of helpful information. This can and should be an excellent resource for you.

The major drawback with the blogosphere is that it requires you to know the specific problem you’re trying to solve, and really you should even have an inclination towards the type of solution you want to implement.

In other words, blogs are great if you already know what you’re looking for. If you need to find the best WordPress plugins or a great free keyword research tool, blogs are the way to go.

If you’re stuck and not sure how to proceed, or are just starting out with a new site, you might find it more difficult to find a good answer.

Paid Affiliate Resources for More Detailed Training

The second category of material out there is to look for a paid resource. Again, there are a ton of great options, many with high quality information.

The benefit of these resources is that you can often bridge the gap between a broad, holistic overview and specific solution, and because you’re going to only a handful of high quality resources, the information you get will be consistent and easy to follow.

You can find great affiliate training courses here, or else browse other online marketing resources I recommend.

Getting Affiliate Marketing Help From A Community

The final option for getting affiliate marketing help is to turn to an established community.

This is probably the best option, because you can talk to real people who have experience working through the exact same problem you’re probably faced with.

Communities provide great examples of success, but they also provide you the opportunity to work first hand with people who have been there and done that. That means that regardless of whether or not you know what your problem is or are totally stuck, you’ll be able to get the help you need to point yourself in the right direction.

In my opinion, the best online affiliate community is Wealthy Affiliate. They have a really extensive program and tons of successful members. While they do have a premium level, you can join their basic membership for free. This is truly one of the best options for solving any problem you’re faced with, whether you need a comprehensive training or just a little help to get through a specific hurdle.

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