affiliate content marketingIf you’re building a website in order to make money through affiliate content marketing, you need to approach your site a little differently than companies engaging in content marketing for their own products or services.

In this post I’ll go through some of the main points for you to consider when developing a strategy for your site.

The Benefits of Affiliate Content Marketing

Firstly, I want to point out that affiliates have a couple of huge advantages over individual companies trying to market their own products.

The Freedom of Being Unbiased

The biggest point in the affiliate’s favor is the ability to be completely unbiased, open, and upfront about the pros and cons of a given product.

That’s because affiliate usually have a ton of options when it comes to deciding which products to promote. They don’t have to recommend a single product all of the time, and therefore don’t have to try to make that one product fit every single user’s needs.

With my sites, I try to be perfectly honest about helping users understand when and why they would need to purchase a product and, consequently, when they don’t need to purchase a product.

If your business is a single product, however, you’re more likely to develop content marketing material that is designed to persuade a user to make an end purchase, come hell or high water.

Affiliates Focus On Helping Readers with Information

This leads into the 2nd main point to consider, which is that affiliate content marketers focus on helping readers with information.

Companies that have products to promote focus on helping users with their product or service, but the information they provide before the purchase is usually limited to sales and promotional materials.

This gives affiliates another leg up when it comes to getting diverse comments, likes, shares, and other recognition online.

Domain Authority

Finally, affiliates have an ability to develop domain authority in a way that most other companies can’t.

This, when coupled with the freedom to be unbiased mentioned above, gives affiliate marketers the opportunity to write content that the user will trust.
For companies promoting their own products, however, even if they’re genuinely trying to help the reader, their users are more likely to view the information provided with a grain of salt, because they know that the ultimate goal is for the company to sell a single, specific product.

I hope this post helps you understand why I think an affiliate approach has a number of advantages over company-led marketing.

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