legit_home_based_businessWhenever I meet people unfamiliar with online marketing, they’re always shocked when I tell them that I run an affiliate marketing company and that yes, affiliate marketing is a legit home based business.

Not only does it represent a real, viable market, it’s an immensely profitable way to earn substantial passive income.

In this post I’ll explain a little bit more about why affiliate marketing is a legit business opportunity that anyone can learn.

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Characteristics of a Legit Home Based Business

I guess in order to say that affiliate marketing is a real opportunity, we first need to clarify what it means ot have a legitimate business.

To me, a legitimate business is one that:

  1. Provides a needed service,
  2. Turns a profit, and
  3. Doesn’t screw anyone over in the process.

Let’s take each aspect in turn.

The Service Affiliate Marketing Provides

Affiliate marketing, at its heart, is about connecting people and companies.

Companies, from major brands down to individuals with a small side business, always need new customers.

There are simply far too many ways potential customers can look for information than any single company could possibly address, so they’re willing to pay commissions to people or other companies (aka: affiliates) who are able to do so.

On the other side of the coin, people are always trying to solve some sort of problem. Sometimes that problem requires a product purchase and sometimes it doesn’t. Affiliate provide that information, for the opportunity to earn a commission in the event the reader turns into a customer.

The Profitability of Affiliate Marketing Sites

Affiliate marketing sites are extremely profitable.

One of the main reasons is because they provide an excellent example of compound earnings.

While any single page might not earn a lot of money, the collection of pages together has the ability to produce sustainable revenue in the long run.

With low overhead costs, this revenue is easily translated into profits, since the overwhelming majority of money spent on an affiliate site is for investment and development (which will pay out later) rather than fixed maintenance or service costs.

Moral Accountability

Finally, affiliate sites aren’t in the business of screwing anyone over.

Yes, there are plenty of scams online, but the reality is that these scams represent a small minority of affiliate businesses, and most of the scam-providers aren’t affiliates themselves, they’re just trying to sell fake products.

Affiliate websites aren’t really in the business of selling. They’re in the business of connecting the right people to the right products.

Plain and simple: screwing people over is bad for business.

What Do You Think?

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That way you can decide for yourself.

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