best online home business opportunitiesIf you’re looking to start a business online, you’re going to have a lot of options to choose from. Most of the best online home business opportunities provide you with a strong earnings potential and flexible hours, as long as you’re willing to commit to building a business for the long term.

Deciding which approach to take with your business is a major step to getting started earning a living online.

In this post I’ll make the case for why affiliate marketing is my top choice when it comes to starting a home business.

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5 Key Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

  1. Time. The first reason I love creating affiliate websites is that it gives me 100% freedom to choose when I work. I can sneak in an hour here and there, or block out a chunk of time and get my work done all at once. With no boss to report to, I set my own deadlines and make my own schedule.
  2. Location. Secondly, I have complete geographic freedom. I love to travel, and I’m just as likely to be working from a hotel in Cusco, Peru as my home in San Francisco.
  3. Low Barrier To Entry. Affiliate marketing is inherently easy to learn. There are lots of great beginner training programs available, and it’s one of the rare businesses where you can get started for under $100 and still have a realistic chance to build a sustainable income!
  4. Limitless Potential. Fourthly, internet marketing has a ton of potential. There’s a virtually endless supply of web traffic that you have at your disposal, which means that you can earn as much as you choose, given the amount of work you want to put in. Click here to understand why.
  5. Residual Income. Finally, affiliate marketing provides the opportunity build massive passive income. Work you do today might take a few months to start generating revenue, but when it does, it will be able to pay you for years. That means that once you get going, you have an incredible opportunity to compound your results and start making the big bucks!


If you’re looking to learn more about affiliate marketing, I recommend you sign up for these free classes, or click here to read my Ultimate How To Affiliate Marketing Guide.