Website ConstructionOne common problem a lot of new internet marketers make is confusing authority websites with niche websites. More often than not, individuals worry that a given topic is going to be too narrow and there won’t be enough traffic to support a sustainable, long-term site.

While authority website income can be significantly greater than niche income, the process of getting to that point is much harder, and requires significantly more time to achieve.

Why Authority Website Income is Hard

In a word: competition.

Authority websites are usually much more complex than niche sites. One simple way to think of the difference between the authority and niche topics is to imagine an authority site as a large collection of niches.

Let me use an example to illustrate the point. Rather than have a site focused on “Hatha Yoga for Exercise,” the authority site might focus more broadly on “Yoga.” It is easy to see that the yoga-themed site is going to become far more complex than the niche version, because not only will it strive to include information on Hatha Yoga for Exercise, it will also include information on Hatha Yoga more broadly, yoga for exercise more broadly and even information on dozens of other yoga styles and purposes.

To achieve this level of complexity is an arduous task, and will take well over a year of consistent, full-time work to produce.

The site will take longer to rank for the broader, more competitive keywords than it could for the long tail approach. While it can also rank for long tail keywords, the main target of the site is geared towards the higher traffic keywords. This means that there will likely be a much larger number of sites that would fit into the same ‘search engine bucket’ and the site will take longer to start to rank.

The broader category also means a lack of focus. This means that instead of promoting a handful of products geared towards a specific niche, the site will probably end up using a “spray and pray” method to generate smaller amounts of income more consistently.

In the long run, this does lead to a much higher earnings potential, but the point I want to convey is that the process to get to that point is difficult. Unless you’re ready to devote yourself full-time to writing articles (perhaps posting as many as 15 articles per day for a year!), the niche approach is probably your better bet.