beginners should stay away from web hosting affiliate programsI’ve seen countless beginner affiliate marketers make the same mistake:

They’re excited about the prospect of building a highly profitable web business. As they’re getting started, there are two niches that jump up and stare them in the face: making money online and web hosting services.

Neither are a good option. You can read about why new affiliates shouldn’t start in the make money online niche here.

This post is about why web hosting services are also a terrible place for beginners to start.

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Why Hosting Programs Look Attractive

Hosting commissions are high. One of the highest in the industry.

It isn’t uncommon for web hosting companies to offer commissions of 200% or more of the users first year purchase.

That’s insane. That means that the user can make a purchase, the affiliate get a nice payout, and then the user quit after a year, causing the company to lose money.

Not only that, but a lot of programs, like Dreamhost, offer incredible downstream incentives, so you can get additional, passive revenue if a user signs up and then refers more users. Earnings can quickly add up.

Why Beginners Should Stay Away From Hosting Affiliate Sites

Put simply: anything that has this level of incentive should make you very, very cautious.

Think about why the incentives are that high: to attract affiliates!

There are tons of affiliate promoting hosting sites, many of whom are true experts in internet marketing.

As a beginner, it’s going to be very difficult to get your foot in the door and beat out these veterans.

It will be a hard slog to create a site that starts getting enough traffic to make consistent conversions and earn you real money. There are easier revenue streams out there for you to tap into.

If you need a few ideas of less competitive niches, click here.

You can also work through this free course from Wealthy Affiliate in order to start out in the right direction with a site topic you are practically guaranteed will do well.