good keywords softwareMany affiliate marketing newcomers are wary of investing in a lot of tools.

While I don’t usually advocate getting complete tool kits that will automate your entire affiliate process, the one area where I do think it’s necessary to splurge is for good keywords software.

In this post I’ll explain why, and offer a few suggestions.

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Why You Need It

Basically, keyword tools come down to making good use of your time.

For the overwhelming majority of keyword tools on the market, you could spend some time Googling around and find all of the same information for free.

But, when you’re researching dozens or hundreds of keywords for your blog, manually digging up all of the information quickly becomes a huge time-suck.

Good keywords software, on the other hand, will provide you with the information you need, as well as related, relevant information and suggestions for your searches.

You’ll be able to size up monthly searches and competition levels in a single glance, and pick the best option from a list of related keywords when its time to sit down and write your content.

Where To Find It

While there are a lot of good keyword tools out there, my favorite is Jaaxy.

It offers a free trial and then is a reasonable $20 a month. Considering many of the other top providers charge up to $100 a month, Jaaxy is a relative steal.

I know that making the decision to invest in extra software can be difficult if you’ve just started your site and have yet to see any revenue come in, but the savings and insight you’ll get from a good keyword software is invaluable, and will help you target your site towards keywords that will rank better.

That makes your business more profitable in the long run, so it’s well worth the investment!

You might also want to consider that if you’re going to invest in an affiliate training course, both Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama offer good keyword tools included with their program, so signing up for one of those programs is an easy ‘two-fer!’