publish new content every dayIf you’re trying to build up your web presence and develop a profitable affiliate website, consistency of your blog is extremely important.

Unfortunately, I feel that this is one topic area that is drastically under appreciated by most new bloggers and marketing training programs.

In this post I’ll show you why.

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Blog Frequency Impacts SEO

Believe it or not, the frequency with which your site remains active plays a major role in how well your content will be able to rank in the major search engines.

This factor is often underemphasized because many pages, once they rank, tend to perform well for years, making the actual date-stamp seem less important.

However, behind the scenes the search engines are looking not just at when any individual post was published, but the consistency with which a site is updated.

If you already have an established site, simply putting out one or two posts a week should be enough to convince the algorithms you’re still providing relevant, interesting content.

If you’re building a new site, however, and are still in the process of crawling your way to the top, you’re going to need to do better.

During the early stages of a new site, I usually recommend you produce content every day in order to achieve linear growth (on average) over time. For faster, even exponential, growth you need to up the ante even further and produce new content multiple times per day.

Don’t Sacrifice The Quality

The biggest caveat to be aware of is that as you produce content more consistently, you need to maintain the same level of quality as you were when you were producing fewer, less frequent posts.

Constantly putting out spam posts, or copying other content you see out on the web is a surefire way to destroy and trust you’ve built up, either with your readers, the search engines, or both.

Keep it consistent. Keep it original. Keep it good.

It’s the quality and level of engagement that will ultimate convert sales.

Stick To A Schedule

Regardless of how often you actually publish your content, the most important thing is to stick to a clear schedule.

Whether you only have a few hours a eek or you’re working on your site full time, figure out a realistic amount of content you can consistently achieve, and then stick to that schedule for a minimum of 6 months.

Doing so will help you rank more evenly over time, so you avoid the ups and downs of publishing occasional content.

You can click here to see my 6 week schedule for success, or click here to learn more about getting started with affiliate marketing.