why long tail marketing worksIf you’ve ever wondered why long tail marketing works this post is for you.

Basically, long tail marketing is the idea that there are billions of unique, very specific searches performed every day online. For any given industry and keyword group, there are literally thousands of variations of keywords that users are looking for.

If you’re interested in a more detailed overview of the long tail, you might check out this post first, or learn how to implement it with this free marketing training.

Why Long Tail Marketing Works

Long tail marketing works because it provides an incredible opportunity for marketers and brand advocates to reach the majority of their potential target customers.

The overwhelming majority (somewhere around 70%) of searches online are 3 or more words long. Compare that to the fact that most marketers target 1 and 2 word keywords and you can begin to get an idea of why this works.

Even if an extra 100 clicks a month doesn’t sound enticing, aggregating long tail searches can be a very powerful technique.

You’re not just after 100 clicks from a single phrase. You’re after 100 clicks a month from 100, or even 1,000 phrases.

There’s virtually limitless opportunity to keep adding traffic to your website, just by picking off “low hanging fruit” and growing your site bit by bit.

That’s way better than trying to compete with the big guys for top phrases…which represent only a minority of your potential traffic anyway!

How You Can Profit From It

The best way to profit from the long tail effect is through providing a highly targeted, niche approach like affiliate marketing.

While small, individually focused keywords are very difficult for many brands to target (it’s impossible for any 1 company to go after every possible variation of top phrases), they’re a goldmine for affiliate marketers.

This is because as a blogger, it’s easy to keep adding more and more content that is designed specifically for a small, targeted group of users. If you can provide a page of your website that meets exactly what a user is looking for, you’ll be eons ahead of the larger brands that only provide approximately what they’re looking for.

You could literally keep writing for a lifetime, without ever brushing close to a limit. Supply simply cannot keep up with demand.

Learning the basics is relatively easy, as long as you have the right tools. You can try out this free course from Wealthy Affiliate if you’re interested in learning more.