top_make_money_online_affiliate_programIf you follow this blog, you know that my top make money online affiliate program is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a hands down leader in affiliate training, with complete instructions on how to build a profitable online business from scratch, as well as an extensive forum and thousands of extra blogs and trainings in addition to the main course.

You can read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here.

In this post, however, I want to talk about why Wealthy Affiliate is both free and easy, since these are two of the main characteristics that keep it ahead of the curve.

Why Wealthy Affiliate Is Easy

First, I’ll address why it’s easy.

Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, are of the opinion (like me) that anyone can build a successful website and earn significant passive income online.

The basics of internet marketing just aren’t that difficult to learn.

They also believe that the majority of other affiliate training programs focus too much on either the theoretical aspects of internet marketing (causing the student to get bogged down in too many tech details) or they focus too much on the make money aspect of internet marketing (causing students to focus on short term, financial based objectives rather than building a long term business).

Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, takes an action based, value-centered approach.

The focus of the training is not simply on how to get rich online, it’s on how to build a website with your reader in mind. Helping your readers is the fundamental principle that is going to separate those scrambling to draw eyeballs and earn a few dollars, from those who can sit back and watch that traffic roll in.

That’s because more than anything, passive income is about solving problems.

Each lesson, then, focuses on how to make your site helpful, and provides a nice balance between theoretical background and actionable tasks.

Every class is accompanied with specific action items that you can take, so you can check off your progress as you move through the course.

If you complete each task step by step, by the end of the program you’ll have a solid foundation for your business, and will be well on your way to earning significant income online.

Why Wealthy Affiliate Is Free

I know by now skeptics are probably thinking: if the course is so great, why is it free?

This is the other amazing aspect of this program. Rather than a low cost trial, WA provides you a complete basic membership for free, which includes 10 classes and access to the entire community and a wealth of other information.

This is because Kyle and Carson also believe in complete openness and transparency about their business.

Too many get rich quick schemes just show you a landing page and a buy it now button. Wealthy Affiliate wants to make it clear that they provide an established, reputable course with lots of success stories.

There’s so much information included in the premium membership, that they don’t have to hide behind a walled garden and can offer the extensive basic level for free.

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