why_websites_are_extremely_profitableIf you’ve ever seen a news clip about tech startups selling for insane amounts of money, you’ve probably had a glimpse into the world of immense online profits.

While selling a company to Google or Facebook for billions of dollars is something akin to winning the lottery, the fundamental fact behind this hype is that websites are extremely profitable businesses to build, regardless of your industry.

In this post I’ll explain why. For a more practical getting started guide, click here.

The World Has Moved Online

We no longer go online, we live online.

Collectively, as a society, we spend more time on the internet than you can imagine. We do everything from hangout and chat to plan vacations to buy everyday products.

This means that the raw audience for a website in any industry is mind-bogglingly huge, and in general, where there’s traffic potential, there’s earnings potential.

Websites Produce Returns Over Time

Secondly, websites have a peculiar ability to produce returns over time.

This makes them one of the best forms of passive income that, like owning a piece of real estate, allows you to acquire an asset once and then continue to receive payments from that asset, month in and month out.

Once Built, They Have Intrinsic Value

This ability to produce returns over time has to do with the intrinsic value of the site.

As long as the site provides useful information relevant to some targeted audience, there is value in being able to reach that audience.

This means that even aside from the website’s present-day earnings, there’s additional worth that is attached to having a fully functioning site.

It’s a platform an investor could use to grow an audience, or a marketer could use to sell a product.

Websites Are Easy To Scale

Finally, websites are great investments because they are relatively easy to scale.

Once you develop a process that works, something that is easy to learn how to do, a single website will begin producing returns that allows you to reinvest either in growing that one website or in creating a portfolio of sites for your business.

So if you think that the potential to build a profitable website isn’t there, think again. A successful web business has the potential to earn truly massive passive income.

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