why_you_cant_earn_money_now_online_for_freeThere’s a lot of hype about earning money online, and a lot of it has a grounding in reality:

It is possible to earn money online. With the right training and dedication, I’d even say it’s probable. Click here to learn how.

But there’s a catch, which isn’t really a catch, so much as it is just simple common sense.

You can’t earn money NOW online for free.

Let me explain why.

You Could Earn Money Now Online OR You Could Earn It For Free

You can’t do both.

That just doesn’t make sense. Could you imagine a system where anyone could make money instantly without paying or doing anything for it? Money would be like leaves on a tree: worthless.

That’s why you have to make a choice: you can either make money now, and pay to do so, or you can pay nothing and take a sustainable, long term approach to it. You can’t earn money NOW online for FREE.

How To Earn Money NOW

In order to earn money NOW, by which I mean this week, or even today, you’re going to have to buy your traffic.

In the online world, traffic = money, or rather the potential for money. That means that you could theoretically find an affiliate product, throw up a website promoting that product and pay to drive traffic to the website, via a social media or paid search campaign.

As long as your conversion rate is high enough, you can earn more money from commissions than you spend paying for the traffic.

The problem is that this isn’t easy to do, and if you don’t have any experience online, you probably won’t make a profit and will end up losing money. This is because you have neither the knowledge nor experience to be successful. You can get over this hurdle quickly if you follow a beginner training program.

How To Earn Money Online for FREE

You’re other option is to earn money for FREE, by which I mean you don’t have to pay anything up front to get started, and you could conceivably start earning enough money fairly quickly in order to cover your initial expenses (like buying a domain name). Your expenses will be nominal, and you could easily get started for under $100.

I want to be clear that taking this route will take a few months before you see your first income. Your income will probably start to come in around month 2-3, and then become more significant after month 6.

This is, in my opinion, the best way to go. That’s because I’m naturally leery of anything where I have to pay upfront to earn money later (as you should be too). Starting for free is the best bet, even if it takes a few months for everything to kick into gear.

My recommendation is that you take advantage of these 10 free affiliate marketing classes, which will get you started with your own website and help you lay the foundation for a profitable business, all for free.